Over one hundred surf and beach vendors with unique products

New wave-riding products, unique gift items, beach fashion wear, and unique surf items, there is something for everyone!

Woodies & Subaru Sports Vehicles

DSF-woodys-2013Over a dozen of the most well-restored mint-condition classic surf woodies will be on display with all the new Subaru sports models complete with racks and custom accessories. The old surf transportation and the newest surf utility vehicles in a cavalcade of cars.

Kids activities for all ages

Educational and interactive games, displays, learn environmental awareness and respect for the ocean, and lots of super-fun activities!

Surf Museum exhibits

Fascinating historical displays for all to enjoy and learn.

Environmental Non-profit Organizations

View the art of shaping from the close proximity of the shaper’s experience, watch foam dust be recycled into new surfboard blanks and learn how environmental surf non-profits are changing the way the surf industry does business.

Vintage Surfboards & Memorabilia

vintage-surfboardsThere will be some amazing vintage surf items to check out.