Surf Exhibitions and Contest

Tandem Demonstrations


One of surfing’s most colorful and elegant forms – tandem surfing is a water ballet of superb form and exquisite beauty. Couples tandem teams from around the globe will display their prowess in the surf.

Nose riding Exhibitions


Finesse and footwork at their finest, a nose-riding exhibition is an amazing display of balance and positioning – one of the sports true arts. Watch the masters at ‘work while they play’ – and marvel at their catlike grace.

Legends Expression Session

It is a rare opportunity for beach-goers to get a chance to see some of the greatest celebrities in surfing actually perform their legendary magic – plus have a chance to meet them and get some autographs on the beach!

Saturday Water Event Schedule

Legends of the Longboard Era

The Tyler Warren Invite: “New School” of Traditional Longboarding

Terry Martin “Sport of Kings” “Concours d’Elegance”

Sunday Water Event Schedule

“60’s Longboard Contest” Hosted by Doheny Longboard Association

Hobie Alter Tandem Invitational

Interested in participating in our surf competition?

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The competition is open to the public for anyone with a pre 1970’s board or you can sign up for “Pick a Stick” should you not have the correct type of board. Entry to the surf contest is $30. For more information, please visit today!