With touches of folk, country, gospel, and blues, each of the five members of richfolk take turns at the mic, giving hints of Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker and Waylon Jennings. Hans Sylstra and Chris Lizotte provide honest and heartfelt rhythm guitar, each song is a testament of their love and passion for their craft. Playing a solid lead guitar, Marc Ford knows his place as he subtly enters and exits each song with perfection while never coming off overbearing. With a voice from the heavens, and a soul mate sharing the stage, Kirsten Ford’s angelic harmonies and celestial solos are breathtaking and may actually bring a tear to your eye. Another soul mate, Janine Sylstra is a percussionist that becomes her instrument. She can coax and caress her cajon into a living object that will keep the beat, dance around the room, and drive the passion from her soul straight into the music.

They have a collective experience derived from life’s trials and tribulations and the occasional pain and even loss that comes with it, but the main theme of their music is pure joy and love.

For these five individuals, it is not about what they have, it is what they have to give.