Peter Goetz

Peter Goetz is moved by inspiration – literally. The Venice Beach native turned global citizen is nothing short of an adventure enthusiast.

Goetz has established a captivating way of expressing his explorative lifestyle through his many talents. You name it, he’s seen it, experienced it, and without question (or hesitation) he’s enjoyed every second of it! Whether it is through lens or lyric, Goetz’ ability to transform true-to-life experience into rhythmic storytelling and captivating imagery is something of a lost art.

Born an “Outside Observer”, Goetz is naturally inspired by diverse culture and a vigorous passion for love and life. Thanks to his undeniable draw, paired with a soulful sound and a charismatic character, Goetz has the uncanny ability to captivate his audience, drawing colorful crowds on nearly every continent.

Telling his story through melodic masterpieces that break the genre mold, or through filmmaking and photo exhibits that capture the essence of his travels, Goetz shares his journey. An experience made so complete by intimate secrets, inspirational connections, stories of love, both lost and found, and idyllic illusions of seaside grandeur that it is possible for a moment to feel the sand at your feet.

If you’ve neglected the road less taken, left doors unopened or let one too many sun-kissed days get away – now is your time.