Chad Martini

Chad Martinez is a singer/songwriter from Orange County, CA. Martinez’ first time picking up a guitar was at the age of 13. He was taught three chords and within a few months had already started writing songs. By the age of 17, Martinez had formed a duo Indie Rock band with friend and band member Kellen Williams called Honest Abraham. Martinez on Vocals/Guitar, Williams on Bass and Devin Berry on drums. Honest Abraham performed live for the first time ever on July 7th, 2007. Martinez and Williams continued the band for a while until they all ended up moving due to certain changes.

By 2008, Martinez came back to Orange county and started performing solo. In 2009, Martinez became highly influenced by reggae music. Which is what gives him that mellow groove and soulful hype in his original and Indie alternative sound. Chad has played shows through out Orange county and LA county. After playing shows and getting acquainted with a band named Motavation from Lake Forest, CA. Martinez fell into a whole new name. They all started calling him Chad Martini. and it just seemed to stick..

In 2009, Martinez and Williams Started collaborating once more and continued creating music that influenced them both through out the years. Unfortunately Williams passed away Nov 28th 2011. Martinez was devestated from a loss of his friend/bandmate. In 2012, Chad Martini is said to be releasing a record and be performing through out the year.