The Eliminators

For nearly 20 years, The Eliminators have remained a critically acclaimed Southern California surf instrumental band. They have helped lead a resurgence of interest in surf instrumental music that was popular during the early 1960s by staying true to the sound while giving the music a modern twist. Internet surf music guru Phil Dirt ( noted that The Eliminators “…understand the genre like guys who were there in ’62…Incredibly powerful, masterfully-performed genuine surf for the [present day] and beyond!”

All five band members have a common interest in surfing, and the fun, dynamic sounds of early 1960’s surf music. The band uses authentic, vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers to get that unmistakable sound unique to guitar-driven surf instrumental music.


With its delightfully vibrant blend of inventive musicality and genre-blurring reach, Sounds Like This sees ALO operating with fresh verve and vitality, their always-kaleidoscopic funk pop ‘n roll aglow with exceptionally ebullient songcraft and deliriously danceable grooves. The California-based band’s fourth Brushfire Records release showcases their unfettered passion, wit, and imagination while simultaneously exploring hitherto uncharted musical terrain. Invigorated by an unstructured approach to the studio process, ALO have accessed new avenues of resourcefulness, resulting in a truly distinctive collection of songs that adroitly captures all the glorious ingenuity and adventure of the band’s legendary live sets.

“There has always been a division between the fans that get to know us through our live shows vs. the fans that get to know us through our albums,” guitarist Lebo says. “This album is going to bridge that gap.”

Long acclaimed for their deft musicianship, potent songwriting, and astonishing on-stage interaction, the members of ALO have played together for more than two decades, with the current permutation now in its 10th year and counting. The band followed the release of 2010’s Jack Johnson-produced Man Of The World by doing what they do best: playing live, with highlights including the Halloween-themed “Haunted Carnival of Traveling Freaks & Frights” tour and their annual Tour d’Amour benefitting public music school programs.

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The Originalites

The Originalites were created near the end of the school year in 2008. Peter Fontes and Daniel Tello had some guitar and drums songs that they had worked on before and only needed a bassist. So, it was after a day of Saturday school, Peter and Tim were talking about music and were eager to jam. Tim being a bassist, Peter being a drummer, they got together and played a cover called Pawn Shop, while waiting for Daniel. Next, Daniel showed up after surfing they played long into the evening. They played Sublime, Jimi Hendrix and also playing two originals; Porque, and The Funk Song (yet to be released). They got themselves ready and played a few shows during winter (DiPiazza’s, Evocal, FVHS etc.) and then got a gig at African Corner in Fountain Valley, in support of The Moses Fund Charity! It was there that they met Mike (Michael Shmelk as we called him) Belk, a young (but older), talented saxophonist. Without ever meeting, EVER, the song MUSICAL FUSION was played and it was instantaneously musical fusion. That first meeting was recorded (live) and is still on our myspace today, as a sort of ode to that evening.

Later, once again through our dear friend Kiro Bigira, founder of African Corner, we met a keyboardist named Evan Postel. Much love and thanks goes out to Kiro and his enterprise. Since then, The Originalites have played countless shows (3+ a week), including House of Blues, The Coach House, The Galaxy Theatre, DiPiazza’s and many more. We will keep upcoming shows posted!!! So, come out and join The OGites family so we can meet you out there when the sets are there or at the skatepark when its flat!!!! We express a positive life style, that starts from the roots!!! The recordings you hear have been done live, (in the oven), very loudly. Some are new and some are old. We will be the last ones to tell you that we are good, so please let us know what you think!

The Originalites website

Common Sense

Common Sense


Honk has its origins back in 1970 with Steve Wood, Don Whaley and Tris Imboden, all from different bands who shared a common desire to make original, adventurous music. They added members and lost members over the next two years, changing into the band that still plays together thirty years later. In 1971, Honk expanded by one guitar player, Richard Stekol, and a recording contract with Granite Records, and the next year added a girl singer (Beth Fitchet) and a saxophonist (Craig Buhler).

Then in 1972 Greg MacGillivray, a high school buddy, hired Honk to produce some music for his surf film, “Five Summer Stories”, unwittingly creating an identity for the band. Already gaining popularity by that time, Honk soon achieved legendary stature in Southern California through their connection with the film. Their sound track album was a favorite with surfers and music lovers alike, and even made it to #1 in Hawaii.

Record deals with 20th Century records and Epic Records followed, two records were released over the next two years, one bass player was lost (Don Whaley), one was gained (Will Brady), and Honk went on tour. They toured all over the United States, opening for Loggins and Messina, The Beach Boys, Chicago and Santana, and their popularity grew. Audiences everywhere were stunned and delighted with their musical energy, variety and plain nerve. Their repertoire wandered all over the map, going from Mahalia Jackson’s gospel music to Freddy Hubbard’s jazz to Martha and the Vandellas ripping Motown sound, with a large portion of original rock and roll or folk setting the tone. Always included in the set were songs from “Five Summer Stories” for their surf fans.

Honk’s breakup in summer 1975 sent their fans into mourning. The members went their own musical directions, but in 1983 reconverged for the reunions that continue to this day. Each meeting is like a time warp, sending all six members back twenty or thirty years, and they are completely musically reconnected as though no time had passed. Their fans feel the same way, and show up for their yearly reunions in record numbers.

Honk Website

Paula Fuga

Paula Fuga is a musician on a mission. Though many play music for the platitudes or acclaim, Paula plays music for a culture, spreading the thoughtful and evocative voice of the Hawaiian people across the world. Not content to be merely a widely respected artist, Paula has taken on the mantle of cultural ambassador—using her talent as an instrument to help bring about positive social change within her islands and beyond: performing at benefit concerts for charter schools, instilling the Hawaiian culture in the generations to come and, generally, being a beacon of the meditative and healing powers of her people.
Paula’s debut album “Lilikoi” was met with true astonishment by many in the music business. Who is this Paula Fuga?, they wondered. Producing and releasing her own album, a collection of songs that run deep with intensity and emotion—yet widely appealing and accessible—Paula set a new benchmark in independent music production, an album with masterful production and genuine cultural connection that have caused people to sit up and take notice. An amazingly singular voice, both soaring yet nurturing, carefully wrapped with the instruments and sounds of her homeland, standing tall on the the pride of her people…it is time to find out—this is Paula.

Paula Fuga Website