1st Rodeo

Craig Miller (Bass, Vocals) and Brian O’Brian (Drums) met in high school eons ago. Known as the “A La Carte Rhythm Unit”, their combustible and intuitive attack helped establish the iconic rock trio “A La Carte” as one of the premier attractions on the Southern California concert landscape. As members of a headlining attraction on Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip, in a decade not too long ago, Brian and Craig encountered temptations few mortal men could resist, and eventually left the scene for the more pastoral settings of the Deep South, where they drew large Sunday crowds playing for one of the more popular rattlesnake-handling congregations in Tennessee. Having survived numerous near-fatal reptile attacks, they recently returned to their southwest homes, and are currently playing music that does not (often) require ear protection, or body armor.

The songwriting team of David Benn Tyson (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Kevin Byron Craig (Lead Guitar, Vocals) proudly admits that they are foolish enough to believe that love lost can always be regained. Hopeless romantics, they seek answers to difficult questions like “Why does the singer always go home with the pretty girl, but still wakes up alone?”. Eternal optimists, they muse that the best remedies for a busted relationship are a loyal dog, a good horse, and a fast Harley. Tyson and Craig agree that a man’s hard luck story is never the final chapter. Their deviously-dry humor and keen insight bring a fresh face to generation of music lovers starving for the new voice of Blue-Eyed American Rock.

Management: Scot Ward